About Cathy

Hello.  My name is Cathy, and at some point along the way I stopped being creative.  Sure, I use creative thinking to navigate my corporate job, but when did I stop creating for myself?  This thought has nagged me slowly throughout the last few years, and then suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks during a conference that I was attending for work.  I woke up to the fact that I was going through the motions of work, eat, sleep, repeat without really pausing to do the things I used to love to do.  

In my younger years, I would day dream for hours over a poem that I was crafting.  I had endless ideas for short stories that I actually FINISHED.  I took flute lessons and taught myself guitar and clarinet.  I attempted (very poorly) to sketch pictures of the Pocono Mountains that were the backdrop of my childhood.

I have vowed to be more mindful and to actively seek out opportunities to be more creative.  

Can you relate?

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